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.:. tasha .:. March 13, 2009

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I heard Diane say something something…”Tasha”… and I whipped around from the coffee brewers and said, “Tasha?! Tasha’s here?”  She was hidden from view behind the pastry case.  I hadn’t seen her all week, and was starting to get a little worried.  I said, “WHERE have you been??”

She wears a brown knitted hat with FUCK CANCER across it in pink stitching, and she is one of my two very very favorite customers.  I am 90% certain that she herself has/had cancer but she has never mentioned it.

We chatted a bit and then she came over to the bar while i made drinks.

I started telling her about a woman (miserable wretch ahem) who had come in the day before and accused me of ruining her day because we weren’t serving Verona as our morning pick this week, but Ethiopian.  Blah blah blah, nast nast nast, and then she stormed out.

Tasha was shaking her head with a serious look and said, “Sometimes I wish just one bad thing would happen to people like that.”  “I know,” I said. And at the same time we said grimly, “They need some perspective…”

nat just set a plate down in front of me with the most delicious looking pepper jack grilled cheese sandwich on oatmeal bread, with the ketchup bottle and pepper grinder next to it.

you know i want to take a picture of it.

i wonder if i’m missing a calling here, with all the photos i have of our meals…. it has to be in the hundreds by now.

i’m just going to eat it.




living breathing tornado November 26, 2008

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was me today at work.  it seemed that everything i touched either broke, fell, exploded, spilled or dropped out of my hands.  i dropped customers’ change repeatedly, forgot whether or not they said they wanted cream, thoroughly doused Guy with whipped cream as i walked past him and pushed the handle for no reason, slipped and almost crashed into the pastry case on a spill i had made several minutes earlier… ohhhh man.  people kept telling me i looked pale, and this flu thing did reappear this morning, so i don’t doubt i did look a little pale.  there was nothing to do but laugh, and luckily everyone got a real kick out of my mishap of a morning.  

they also got a REAL kick out of the turkey that i drew on the coffee brewer holding our thanksgiving blend a few days ago, because Guy walked by and said, “hey, that’s a great turkey, can i have you draw a few more?”  so… my turkey was all over the place in our store.  today, wayne says, in this exasperated voice in passing to Devon, “Ok, WHO drew that turkey!?  that is the worst turkey I’ve ever seen.  it has four legs, no wings, no beak, and the feathers do not look like that on a turkey.”  oh we laughed so hard at that one, because he thought for sure it couldn’t have been me and was soo embarrassed and then i pointed out all the other hand-drawn turkeys around us, and they were all equally beak/wing/talent-free.  

so i came home, brought some oatmeal bread over to judy that i baked last night, played the piano at north park for a while, put gas in the car, and am going to lay here in bed until nat comes home.  we are going to dawson for thanksgiving tomorrow, and i am excited for a road trip with new playlists, an old buick, and her:



:thursday:november thirteenth: November 13, 2008

it is good beyond good to be back in a place where there are old friends around.  tuesday night potluck/progressive dinners will continue, i hope. 

i am getting so excited for our wedding photo book to come in the mail soon!  i thought it was supposed to be this week, but i looked again, and the processing time is 4-6 days or so, and then shipping takes 4-6 days, so it looks like it will be next week.  

people at work keep saying things like “you like kids? i hate kids.”  “kids are so gross.”  no one i know has ever said the phrase “i hate kids” in my presence before in my life, i don’t think, and i just chuckle… these are some of the nicest people in the world – to other adults exclusively, I guess – and i think, how on EARTH can you hate “kids“?  like they aren’t all different, and have the same weird, “gross” things about them.  this is usually in reference to the kids who come through our Starbucks, who look like adorable little people in designer outdoor brand names, and are usually happy and well behaved.   huh.  my love for children tends to border on obsessive, so i guess it takes all kinds.  i bet someday my coworkers will have babies, and everything will change.  


i miss hanging all of my laundry outside to dry in the mexican sun. the stiffness of my jeans, and how crisp everything felt…


i am working on making a pincushion similar to this one.  don’t remind me that i can’t quite sew yet.  girlfriend is gonna get her a tutor, and will learn.