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.:. the eatery .:. March 20, 2009

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if i ever started a food blog of food photography and recipes, maybe that’s what i’d call it. 

at the moment, on my left are two homemade chocolate chip cookies, made with the recipe from the Dawson Covenant Church cookbook to which I added peanut butter and oatmeal.  They are especially delicious and gooey after being in the microwave for 20 seconds.

I made them days ago, but thankfully Nat stuck them in the fridge in a tupperware and I forgot about them until today as I was rummaging for a snack.  They are a healthier option to the bag of Starbucks pastries in the backseat of our car waiting to be donated.  Healthier because of the oatmeal, obviously.  Additionally, I say no to those vile pastries every day, and these were like a cheerful surprise hello from a friend.

Furthermore, this is my blog, and I will say what I want to and believe what I say and enjoy my cookies sans explanation.

in the oven is a small bundle of garlic, peeled here and there, a few whole, a few random cloves, on a piece of tinfoil on a cookie sheet, sprinkled with olive oil, salt, and pepper, alongside a piece of oatmeal bread also sprinkled with olive oil and thyme, which i can not wait to eat, and which is my REAL snack. 

things i eat/drink almost every day:

fresh spinach (i have to limit myself, because i’m afraid i’ll be sick of it one day)

a red bell pepper

a mcintosh apple

a slice of oatmeal bread with vegan/non-dairy butter (so that if can be unabashedly ‘slathered.’


at least one pre-made baggie of either celery or green beans that i keep in the fridge as a ‘grab and go’ snack, if you will.  

garlic, in some form, on some thing.

and for dinner, usually some kind of pasta, our recent favorite being a spinach linguine with pesto sauce that we could eat for days and days and days.

It has been fun lately to learn more about cooking and nutrition.   I fear that I am also coffee-addicted.  I spent Nat’s lunch hour with him today talking in the car  and we both realized mid-morning that we were feeling really blah and tired and lazy – and then realized we hadn’t had any coffee yet, and once we had, all was well.

 Neither of us believes in being ‘addicted’ to, or dependent on anything, even little things like sleeping with a fan or having something be just-so, or a ‘not being able to function until and i’ve had my morning caffeine’ mentality, and we both thought “uh-oh.” 

everything in moderation!


with cheese,




.:. tasha .:. March 13, 2009

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I heard Diane say something something…”Tasha”… and I whipped around from the coffee brewers and said, “Tasha?! Tasha’s here?”  She was hidden from view behind the pastry case.  I hadn’t seen her all week, and was starting to get a little worried.  I said, “WHERE have you been??”

She wears a brown knitted hat with FUCK CANCER across it in pink stitching, and she is one of my two very very favorite customers.  I am 90% certain that she herself has/had cancer but she has never mentioned it.

We chatted a bit and then she came over to the bar while i made drinks.

I started telling her about a woman (miserable wretch ahem) who had come in the day before and accused me of ruining her day because we weren’t serving Verona as our morning pick this week, but Ethiopian.  Blah blah blah, nast nast nast, and then she stormed out.

Tasha was shaking her head with a serious look and said, “Sometimes I wish just one bad thing would happen to people like that.”  “I know,” I said. And at the same time we said grimly, “They need some perspective…”

nat just set a plate down in front of me with the most delicious looking pepper jack grilled cheese sandwich on oatmeal bread, with the ketchup bottle and pepper grinder next to it.

you know i want to take a picture of it.

i wonder if i’m missing a calling here, with all the photos i have of our meals…. it has to be in the hundreds by now.

i’m just going to eat it.