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.:.one, two, three, JUMP.:. April 8, 2009

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and would like to tell you, that i moved blogs.

to here.

it is a more simple layout, it’s easy, i can choose the colors, AND, if i change my mind again, blogger lets you move your blogs around to wordpress and others really easily.

i’ve been wanting to post more pictures of projects, lessons learned, and all kinds of things lately, but i just wasn’t excited with what this blog looked like, and couldn’t find anything i liked.

i would love for you to join me there, and visit often!  especially you, who i can not WAIT to get home!

i would also like to say thanks, for reading my funny little thoughts and scattered ideas and various lofty goals and aspirations.  i find it so fun, and i think it helps me, by “putting myself out there”. = )

see you around!

lovingly and excitedly,



back April 2, 2009

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i am home with nat, where i belong.  but it was wonderful to be in california, where part of me also belongs, with those beautiful girls, who feel like home, too.

Nat met me at the bottom of the escalator, in the airport and we drove home and were there for five minutes before heading downtown to pick up Bryan and his friend Dan at the train station.  They spent the night on our couch/floor.  Nat made banana/chocolate chip/cinnamon pancakes this morning and left for work.  I dropped them back off at the station and then drove around for an hour trying to find the place where we pick up our PPA packets for the election next tuesday.  No luck, bad parts of town, so I came back home.

There was a surprise waiting for me in the living room when we got home the first time, but i’ll wait until i upload the  pictures to show you what it is.  it is VERY random, VERY fun, and funny.

i made dinner tonight, and afterwards we planted seeds in tiny terra cotta pots – basil, oregano and sweet pepper.  they look very cute and small on the window sill.  our home is filling up with green plants again.

opening at starbucks tomorrow, saturday, and sunday.  i keep forgetting to write down that i am not available on sunday mornings.

back to the “daily grind” i could say, but i wouldn’t really mean it.

what i mean is: back to early mornings, my friends and coworkers, dinners with candles, active-ness, runs, bike rides, shopping at our secret places, making this apartment presentable every day, and a husband who i never wish to leave for so long again.