.:. in and out of season .:.

.:. sunshiny pretty day .:. march 16th .:. March 17, 2009

Filed under: life in general — Ellen @ 9:21 pm

 sitting on the loveseat in my new free people dress that makes me look like a butter churning, cow milking, missionary wife in the 19th century – and of course i love it.  my legs are in the sun and neko case is playing.

soon i’ll put on the pair of rollerblades i found at the thrift store and glide on over to get Nat and we’ll skate/bike through the park, to home.  then, he to tutoring, and me to the gym to run a torturous 4 miles.  i sort of… took a break, from running, last week.  and this will be interesting.

oh well, because last night we went on a long slow walk around the neighborhood. smoked cigars and talked about this and that.  held hands, he taught me how to flick the ashes.   it was the highlight of a long time.  

we’re just figuring it out, you know?  we go forward and then a little backward (it feels) and go through the ups and downs of every day. a little deeper each time, we hope.  

i have many pictures to share, but they are all still on the camera.  soon.  maybe at night time, so i’m not missing the sunshine. 


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