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.:.that local coffeehouse vibe, and that homey feeling.:. February 20, 2009

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we had a fun staff meeting today.  we tasted, learned and talked about the new Via QuickBrew coffee that Starbucks has… honestly, I was REALLY impressed.  It is far better than your typical instant coffee… FAR.  And, I don’t know, it comes in these little packets, and dissolves so well you don’t even need a spoon – – for hot OR cold water.  great for camping, road trips, airplanes….  there’s my plug.

i’m sitting here by the window with coffee.  diane – one of my fellow baristas – is strumming her guitar and singing tracy chapman, and all of the comfy chairs and tables are full of people… it is a really cool vibe in here right now, and I love it.  

we talked about developing a ‘vision’ statement… and how we want it to be themed around words like ‘local’ and ‘neighborhood’… because it feels like that to us, just under the huge corporate title of Starbucks.  That we can just sit here and pass the guitar back and forth and look at the children’s artwork on the walls, and one of our regulars can play a little too… and that woman can sit with her baby and feed him his bottle by the fireplace.  it is so nice and cozy.


the other day when i was feeling so creative, i sat down with this shadowbox frame my mom gave me a year ago, and then wandered around collecting things from boxes and envelopes scattered around our apartment for small things to put in it…




here is the finished product:  


i sewed our names onto that card with the Emerson quote on it.  That ring is a ring my grandma gave me that I wore constantly that Nat used as an example for my engagement ring.  The pennies are squished from those machines.  We collect them everywhere we go – Grand Canyon, White Sands, The City Museum in St. Louis, etc… Patagonia sticker because if we had to pick one brand, that would be it.  Our save-the-date cards, the piano “iou” he gave me for Christmas, and a seashell from Mexico… just, trinkets, you know.  i like it.  

and a few more photos of lately from a museum date, drive downtown, valentines day, and my newly organized jewelry box…




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