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.:.appearances.:. February 19, 2009

Filed under: life in general — Ellen @ 6:00 am

i am clearly undecided on a good blog theme.  i don’t really love any of them, and am considering switching to typepad or blogspot. 

also, i don’t know how to change the time… WordPress is telling me that it’s 6:00:34 am, and that is just not true.  It is noon!


2 Responses to “.:.appearances.:.”

  1. threelittlebirdsnorth Says:

    Do you know that you inspired me to use wordpress? I liked the way that you can lay out pictures. I guess that was really the only reason? I did find the blog themes sort of limiting. I really wanted to put a picture of me and Kyle at the top (the make him feel like it was his blog too) and it wouldn’t let me. I have a Blogspot blog floating around in cyberspace too that I never used.

    Always glad to read and see what you’re up to, Ellen!

  2. threelittlebirdsnorth Says:

    Sorry- that was Jenny, by the way!

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