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.:.skulk.:. February 17, 2009

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I overslept during my nap AGAIN today… and was late to babysit Laila and Christopher, and felt horrible.  How does the alarm not work at the worst times??  Or… how does my brain shut off completely and not realize what it’s doing at the worst times?? Boo. 

I had an interesting would-be romantic experience at work on Monday.  An older man – maybe 40s – came in and, while I was getting his coffee, asked me how my Valentines Day was.  I said, “ohhh, it was so great!  we went out for thai food downtown and i got these beautiful earrings……how was yours?”   [With a new tone and look in his eyes]: “Oh.  Mine was really good.”  Me: “Yeah?”  “Yeah.  My Valentines Days are always good.  [intense eye contact filled with plenty of suggesting] I’m older, so I know how a lady likes to be treated.”  he finished with what I believe was meant to be a seductive stare.  If I were writing a novel I would say, ‘Her eyes narrowed and gazing at him with a mixture of disdain and humor she said very calmly, “Huh.  Well, I am married.  So, I guess I know how I like to be treated.'”   Which seemed to sort of disappoint him, because he grunted and took his coffee and skulked off.  

“Did you just say ‘skulk’?”  “We’re not going to just ‘skulk’ off…”?  That’s from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which I saw 12 times in the theater.  NO EXAGGERATION. 

So, anyway.  That was interesting… and, a little disconcerting.  And I felt a bit empowered at my sassiness, because I HATE being flirted with or whistled at or just… made to feel like that, and it usually makes me sputter and look like an idiot when confronted with it face to face in that way… but for some reason my mind was sharp at 6am.  Or maybe my usual reservations were still asleep.



As far as everything else goes, all of my lists and schedules that I made last week have served a good purpose in keeping my motivated and ‘on task’.  Nat and I went to a coffee shop on Sunday afternoon to have a “business meeting” (play Phase 10 and talk about the logistical parts of our lives.) and made a few new lists, and talked about different goals and ideas that we have for us.  It was nice.  I like business meetings with him.   Alaska dreaming needs to become Alaska looking-into-more-seriously pretty soon here, and I am excited to see what comes of that.  

althoughsometimesidreadit…thecoldandthewinter… andithink…couldn’twechooseHawaiiinstead???


and….lastly, i wish to never be separated from a piano again.  


hope you are having a wonderful week!


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