.:. in and out of season .:.

.:. arms high .:. heart abandoned .:. thank you for this beautiful day .:. February 7, 2009

Filed under: chicago,inspiration — Ellen @ 10:42 pm

What is it about the weather, this heaving sigh of fresh air 50-degree day that has awakened in me a feeling of reckless worship and wonder at God?  The absence of that hunker-down mentality that comes from slouching in the freezing wind to car, to house, to car, to work.  It makes me ROCK OUT to worship songs on my guitar with the windows open, realizing with a smile that it kind of smells like a sewer outside, maybe because everything is melting so fast… and makes me desperate to make art, and to see the lake, and to run so hard and so long, and to hold hands and skip along and get the fattiest, most delicious coffee shop drink there is, with whipped cream, and to enjoy it unashamedly.  

My heart is full and overjoyed today that it is warm outside.  I am thankful for it, and I praise God for it.  

And now I must continue enjoying it. 

“you stood before creation

eternity in your hand

you spoke the world into motion

my soul now to stand…”


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