.:. in and out of season .:.

.:.normal boremal post.:. January 23, 2009

Filed under: life in general — Ellen @ 7:37 pm

seems to me like it’s getting colder by the minute…but then again I am a chronic under-dresser.

I was laughing today, thinking about how much I’ve been to Starbucks today since our internet is down (and JUST learned today that partners get free wifi – no gift card needed!) Starbucks hopes to be for its customers a “third place” as is #1 = home, #2 = work and #3 = Starbucks.  But if it is both work AND Starbucks, and you come as often as I have been this week, it is both 2 and 3.

Oh boy… nevermind.  That is the dorkiest…….. nevermind.  I am just going to sit here, sip my free drink and enjoy the world wide web.


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