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.:.ohh… //alaska//.:. January 22, 2009

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img_2438Well, we met with Byron Bruckner on Sunday night to discuss all things and possibilities relating to Alaska, and our possible move there in August or early fall.  


To be quite honest with you – – he spoke our language.  We could have a temporary place to live right when we got there… we could transfer jobs… the education program is great… you can take out a loan that will be paid for you if you teach in a village afterwards… which includes the possibilities of Nome, Kodiak, and Unalakleet.  I could start a coffee shop.  They need someone to take pictures.  They need someone who can work on a website (Nat) and they need mentors to “adopt” a student or two to take out for coffee weekly……….


I felt like if we had talked longer he would have said, “And if you sporadically think about training for a marathon, we could use your help.  Oh, and in case you are wanting a piano… we have a grand piano, uhh, I think it’s a Steinway?  You can have it.”  


SO…  you know, that sounds good.  It sounds, and feels, really, really good at this point.  This is our DREAM… this is OUR dream.  And I think we might just go for it.  I can remember really vividly standing on the rocks near the water in Unalakleet and saying to Nat, “It has been hard, to be here, but it makes me really sad to think we might never see this place again.”  And all the people who told us, “Get married and come back and work here full-time!”  



It’s funny (and a little reassuring) to picture myself just transferring to a Starbucks up there – a TOTALLY different life, but same store, same setup, same job.  

So, that’s “ALASKA” and this is what we are thinking at the moment, and I wanted to document it, and share it.  






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