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.:.scatterings.:. January 16, 2009

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being newly married means so many conversations.  it means so many small alterations.  changing habits, forming better ones, reworking tones, responses.  it means looking carefully at parents, at other marriages, at examples in books, movies, everywhere… and choosing.  it means drawing closer to some things, and pulling away from others.  it means a lot of words, but sometimes more or less words than usual.  it means speaking that one thing, that deepest part – just saying it, putting it out there, maybe taking a deep breath beforehand, and seeing what comes of it.  it means also saying out loud those bad habits you see in yourself that you’d never admit to someone else, but HAVE to admit, because you know you HAVE to get over them.  That was last night, and this morning I woke up and felt renewed.


I’m going to start baking all of our bread.  Two-three loaves a week, plus a loaf or two of just tasty, non-yeast bread like banana or zucchini or lemon bread.  It will be a good experiment, and I have some great recipes that I’ve never tried for white bread, french bread, etc… which will be good for sandwiches. 

I’m reading Harry Potter… I’m on book four… I’m hooked.


We are in the process of sorting things to be given away… it’s incredible that we can have so much we don’t need, in this space, with only this much time spent living together.  Must keep cycling things in and out, though.  “Clutter-free, clutter-free, clutter-free…….”  [I got a book called “Perfect Order” from the library.  Perfectly inspiring, in this area of life.]

After going through my drawing notebook from the class I took senior year (the class in which I realized so clearly that I should have been an art major.  Or art education.) and spraying them with a permanent matte spray, I have resolved to take another drawing class.  This spring, maybe, or summer.  Or maybe just look for a drawing book, and practice more.  I loved that class.  The teacher pronounced ‘draw’, “drawr” and ‘drawing’ – “drawring.”  I think she was from South Africa. 

That’s it, there is such a good deal on a gym right by our place.  I’m joining it.  

Our new manager at Starbucks wants to start a music program where on Friday nights people would come and play.  He wants to start by showcasing the partners who work at our store first, since a handful of us are musicians, and that has really inspired me to play more and think about what songs I would sing…


Nat has been on a different schedule for the past week  – and will be for two more weeks – where he starts work at 8am instead of 10 and gets off at 4:30, instead of 6:30.  We are trying to decide which we like best.  He is more tired now, because he wakes up  a lot earlier, but we have so much more time in the evening, especially if he is tutoring, to have a long dinner and hang out and get things done together, since I am usually working when he leaves in the morning.  He is talking about looking for a different job. 

We are dreaming of a million things of what we could do next.  Starting in the summer, and then more drastically in August… which sounds mysterious, and it is so, even to us.  Maybe camp for the summer?  And I transfer to the Lake Geneva Starbucks?  


And then a big move in August… Alaska?  Sweden?  California?  Or just a new job for Nat?  At the moment, I am also looking for a regular babysitting job to fill in the hours of the days I am not working.  

I haven’t showered in a few days… and I’ve been wearing the same green hat for all of the hours of all those days.


I kind of hate the weather.  Ahhhhh!  

I hate that I kind of hate the weather!  I want to love the weather!  I love snow, I like winter boots and coats, I like winter sports. 


 I just hate the weather, and driving in it, and starting the car in it… and how uncomfortable, in general, it can be.  And my SKIN.  That is a huge reason why I hate it this year – – – my skin hates the weather.  My hands, due to the dryness, and the sanitizer at work, have bled a little because they cracked so badly.  I have bandaids on at least two of my fingers at all times, and Nat has had to open everything for me lately because my fingertips hurt so bad.  And my lips are all crackly, and my skin feels tight, and it’s just… bad.  No me gusta.  

That being said, the brightness of the sun right now, bouncing off the snow and into our apartment IS glorious, and I can’t deny that it looks beautiful out there. 

He calls to the snow

fall on the earth

And to the rain

be a mighty shower!

So that all men He has made

will know He is

and now…

behold our God.





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  1. You could move to Oaxaca I know you already did the Mexico thing but Oaxaca is so far south – it’s like you are saturated in the Mexican culture.

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