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.:.merry.:.mekko.:. January 8, 2009

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After feeling slightly negative about the cold yesterday, which i turned into eager longings for summer – really just negativity under cover – I decided to venture out into the blusters and walk.  Of course, I ended up at the Sweden Shop and spent plenty of time wandering through the rooms carrying various books, trinkets, pretty things around with me, picking up and setting down as I went.  I settled on a book, bought it, and then walked down to Starbucks for a free tea latte with a coupon Nat found in the RedEye.  It was empty, so I got the comfy chair by the window and sat for over an hour pouring over this book, at which point I realized I needed to go back to the Sweden Shop and get some supplies for these beautiful craft ideas!  

So – I did, and thanks to the help of Susan, Kacie and Robin I sewed my very own “artsy clutch” which isn’t finished, but I am very excited about.  I have always loved Marimekko, so the outside is that, and then I cut up a never-used striped dishtowel for the lining, and used leftover pajama pant fabric for the inner-inner lining.  I hand stitched it all – the bobbin is empty on my sewing machine and I haven’t gotten out the manual to learn how to refill it yet – so it looks pretty handmade, and not quite perfect, and that is ok.  I just need to find a big cool button to make the latch.  I’m telling you, for how thrilled I am about learning to sew, it is first stop artsy clutch, next stop entire wardrobe for all of my future children, and your children, too.

 I am dreaming big, homey, homemade, handcrafted, homegrown dreams this winter, and I am learning slowly how to make, craft, and grow (and cook, bake, clean…) one small project at a time.  A thing a day, of sorts.  Yesterday, the clutch.  Today – sweet potato soup with orange juice, basil and tomato, pureed in the blender and served with sweet corn and biscuits.  The soup was a success, and I made so much that we are freezing it in bulk to be eaten every so often.  Tomorrow, a pillow, if I can find a good one for the lining at the thrift store after work.  

Re-learning to be self-motivated consistently throughout the day to keep busy and keep moving and keep learning (hi, i was homeschooled) and that is hard sometimes because I’d rather sit on the computer and “research” everything under the sun and read blogs!  

I wish New Years was celebrated on the first day of spring, or fall, when everything FELT more new.  If I FELT like it was a new beginning I wonder if I’d be further inclined to resolve myself to improvements.  


or is that just the biggest cop out?

well, i need to put some leather gloves on and help Nat pick up the 1-3 inch carpet pile of pine needles in our living room.  



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