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…you will have your music. December 26, 2008

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img_4310My husband has such a gift for making things really, really special.  He loves the element of surprise, he loves details and the logistics of planning a holiday, and he loves showering me with gifts and meals and letters and special unexpected things.  I mean… Nat only has maybe four faults (along the lines of “didn’t put the toaster away in the usual cabinet – on accident”) and sometimes I am so in awe of his goodness that it is overwhelming.   His love for me has brought such joy into my life. 


Our first christmas was filled with beauty.  I woke up to an apartment full of candlelight and a delicious breakfast (chocolate chip pecan pancakes) and  then we cleaned up and Nat read the Christmas story out loud.  We opened gifts from each other, starting with stockings and ending with the “big ones” – a timbuk2 bag for nat, and boots for me.  

The most beautiful present of all was the very last one i opened – a small flat box.  Inside was a fifty dollar bill, a letter, and a printed email.  the letter said, “This is an iou for one piano.  I will find the right one, I will rent a truck, and move it in.  As soon as possible, you will have your music.  I love you, Nat.”  The email was one from a woman who Nat had come SO close to buying a piano from, but she had sold it to someone else after all.  He had wanted to have it all set up on Christmas day to surprise me.  THAT was the overwhelming part… and I may have shed a tear or two over that, and for how wonderful his heart is.  

We fell asleep on the couch for a while after that, and then woke up and went to Starbucks – we had wanted to walk, but the one by us was closed – and got 

big soy lattes and a french press for my dad.  We spent the evening at my house in Winfield and had de-licious lasagna and cookies and eggnog and opened even more presents.  I got a HUGE surprise when at the very end my dad pulled from behind his back a box and said, “Well, this looks like the last one!”  It was the CAMERA LENS that I had been looking at – super zoom, super awesome…they all went in on it, and I am SO happy to have it!!!  I could not believe that I forgot my camera last night, but I have been playing with it today, and it really is incredible.  I feel like it’s getting a whole new camera.  The zoom is seriously long, so I need to take it outside where it can be more useful.  So far I just have super close-ups of all the trinkets in our apartment.  = )



My dad loved his french press, and mom loved her box of things and the wedding photo book we had made for them.  Bryan was happy with his gift card, and Gary started playing his Lego Indiana Jones game right away.  I JUST LOVE PRESENTS!!  I love giving them, choosing them, buying them, making them, opening them, watching people open them…. I love everything about them, and I love that about Christmas.  


So, I am just tickled to death that we still have three more Christmases to go – Wisconsin, Sioux Falls, and Dawson.  Which equals a lot of travel, many, many hours of driving, and many hours of good quality time just alone together which we love, need, crave, and thoroughly enjoy.  


And…. on an entirely different note altogether, we are getting TATTOOS!  On our ring fingers, and possibly another one(s) but that is a secret and a surprise.  







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