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: fickle friday + usual things : December 11, 2008

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had a fantastic day at work yesterday, working mostly by myself out front as Guy was busy and the store wasn’t. i made everything REALLY clean, and got to make drinks and talk to people. it was relaxed, and i felt for the first time like i really knew what i was doing, and could run things well.

when i got to my car, however, it would not start, as i had left the lights on all day long. mary came to my rescue, thankfully, and now i am home safe and warm and glad to be out of the blustery weather.

oh, and yesterday was our four-month anniversary!

i have had an unusual amount of alone time lately, since i’ve been opening at work pretty often, and that used to be kind of hard, but these days it has been really wonderful. i’ve rediscovered my love of reading, and running is getting a small comeback as well, so it has been good.  

we put up our christmas tree last night.  when we went to pick one out we decided we wanted it to be tall, but not too wide.  well, they look much smaller all bundled up than they actually are, so it is both tall and very wide.  but that’s ok.  we did a little rearranging, and it fits nicely in a corner of our living room.  we decorated it with white lights and all blue, turquoise, white, glass and purple ornaments.  it’s really pretty, and we had a wonderful time putting it up and being very classic-christmasy with christmas music and sparkling juice and everything.  Friday is doing surprisingly well with it today.  Once the tree was up and decorated she immediately began climbing it and batting ornaments off the branches.  We sprayed her with water thoroughly every time, and when we woke up this morning it was all intact, and she hasn’t touched it all day.  

I should also mention that she pooped on our floor on 4 separate days last week, and would bolt ferociously around the apartment after/during each episode.  One night Nat and I took turns keeping her barricaded in the kitchen, and when she looked like she had to go we would hold her in her litter box.  The next day I got new litter and new, natural food, because I have learned lately that cats are extremely particular, and can change their preferences at the drop of a hat.  I washed her litter box, filled it with the new stuff, moved her food and water to a new place, showed her everything, and she has been back to normal ever since.  Fickle Friday makes no sense.

All righty, well I am going to clean up around here and get ready for company.


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