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sick kitty : arts + crafts : quiet December 4, 2008

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that is my day today so far.  when i came out into the living room this morning, nat was busily and quietly cleaning up after Friday, who had had accidents ALL over the apartment.  he didn’t want to wake me up to deal with it, sweet man, and i can only imagine what a disaster it was before i got there.  we quarantined her to the bathroom with her litter box and water bowl, and i did some online research on what to do: no food for 12-24 hours, just water, and after that a rice and boiled chicken mixture in small portions.  she seems to be better.  after no accidents for 3 hours i let her out into the living room, and she seems to have turned into the cat of our dreams since being sick.  SUPER chill, obedient and sweet.  

i am about to head out the door to help my friend Beth create things for a sale they are having to raise money to adopt a little girl from China.  I am looking forward to some crafting, and I love her kids a lot. Today is our friend Brent’s birthday, so Nat is going to hang out with him after work.  i’m going to try and make some kind of cake or cookie or brownie creation, but i am out of flour, so that could be interesting.  

I am not working today or tomorrow, and today has been the most relaxing day.  I feel really introspective, calm, and productive, so after seeing Nat off to work and finishing cleaning up after Friday, I made coffee, read my way through a great, insightful book, and have done some small chores like opening all our shades and putting all of our poor dry/half-eaten plants in the sunny spots.  i’m going to go for a run soon, and i’m genuinely looking forward to it, which is a little unusual.  

good days sure do deserve celebrating! and documenting.  

n67600641_30547110_8495onward and upward!



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