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strolling down memory lane November 19, 2008

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at a snail’s pace.  it’s all right, slow and steady has won me another photo book for only the cost of shipping. it is a collection of photos of nat and i that aren’t wedding photos.  from north park, ventana, here, and everywhere in between.  i have loved designing these so much that i think i could do it all day.  if you ever want to buy a photo book but don’t want to go through all of your pictures and arrange them, i will!  

AND…. our wedding-photo-coffee-table-book-of-america is here!  oh my goodness.  it is just perfect in every way, and i will not lie.  i have examined it, front to back, at least 15 times since it came on Monday night.  i see something new every time, and remember something new… and thinking of that day at all always gives me the happiest feeling.  austyn elizabeth ford is beyond talented at photography – i always say this, but her work is like art.  the images are so deep and color-rich and vibrant.  

i went over to the piano practice rooms at north park after a delicious breakfast at tre kronor with judy and stacey, and what do you know – out came a new little song.  just a very little one.  i felt very … sheepish, almost, sitting there at the piano wishing i could just be a “songwriter” in the normal sense that everyone seems to be.  songs are few and far between in my world.  so, to get the feel for it again, i started singing one of my journal entries from a few days ago.  a few phrases stuck out to me in particular, so i kept those, and then added on just a little bit, and there it is.  i want to record it with the piano, violin and the melodica (a tiny keyboard that you blow into through a tube to play.  sounds very french – kind of like an accordian) because it has that slightly unique sound to it that very short songs do sometimes.  i ended up in those practice rooms again after a run in the neighborhood, and i think i will go back again today.  still looking all over craigslist for a piano. i know the perfect one will pop up sometime, and we will hire ourselves a truck and go get it.  i can’t wait.  i will move the papa san chair somewhere else – or to the alley – and there it will sit, for me to play whenever i want.  it sounds like such a luxury to me.

i am now looking up possible allergens that can cause migraine headaches… i’m thinking maybe i’m allergic to soy, a little bit… besides chocolate which i already know gives me headaches sometimes, it’s the only thing i can think of that could be causing these headaches.  had another one today… and i get a vanilla soy latte almost every time i work… so who knows.  i suppose it could be caffeine, too.. but i drink caffeine far more often than i get migraines.  ho hum. 

i’m going to putter and pick up a little bit around here, don my spandos, and hit the pavement. 

and i was thinking earlier this morning that i really miss being “Huck” here:


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