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top of the morning to you. November 17, 2008

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mmmm….. not working this morning.  

once again a headache has gotten me up and out of bed.  if you ever get migraines, you might know how sometimes you want to lay down in the dark with a cold pack, and sometimes you have to get up and move a little.  for me, even if i just move to the couch and sit here, it’s better.  nat is in the shower and my christmas playlist is playing.  friday is at her picture-perfect behavior because she’s been by herself all night, so she’s sweet and needy for affection.  how i picture (dream) of her being when she’s a lazy old cat.  

we went to college life yesterday after i worked all day.  it was wonderful wonderful….. hearing judy speak is always my favorite, because she is a friend, and her words are familiar.  it feels like church that you grew up in.  as a speaker, i am always astounded at the gift God has given her to pass on wisdom, love and truth to people.  she spoke about call and conviction, and about ‘expanding your repertoire of “feeling God” emotions so that it includes conviction.  Correction, discipline, etc…  That when we are in a time where we are just not “feeling God” that perhaps we are too narrow-minded in what that would feel like, because when we feel led to do even the smallest act of kindness, or to not sin – even in the tiniest instance – or when we feel bad about a sin we have committed, that is “feeling God” and it happens a lot.  

‘The Holy Spirit is going to blow where it wills, and it will not always be to lead you into a spirit of worship or contentment or love or to be comfortable, but sometimes it will lead you to guilt and conviction and correction.’

just good stuff.  

i have been going through all of our photos because i’m making a photo album book online, and i have rediscovered some really really great ones like this one on nat’s computer – he wrote “i love you ellen” in the snow while walking alone through campus one night when we were broken up a couple of years ago:



and the first photo ever taken of nat and i:  i can really see the sure signs of a future marriage, can’t you?



and this one, when nat flew in to san francisco from alaska one summer and we took the bus back to chicago together:  



and these ones, which will always go down in history as one of our best dates:




“our memories,” joseph says, “are like a river cut off from the ocean.  with time they will slowly dry out in the sun, and so we drink and drink and drink and we can never have our fill.”    

– dinaw mengestu from “the beautiful things that heaven bears.”


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