.:. in and out of season .:.

:thursday:november thirteenth: November 13, 2008

it is good beyond good to be back in a place where there are old friends around.  tuesday night potluck/progressive dinners will continue, i hope. 

i am getting so excited for our wedding photo book to come in the mail soon!  i thought it was supposed to be this week, but i looked again, and the processing time is 4-6 days or so, and then shipping takes 4-6 days, so it looks like it will be next week.  

people at work keep saying things like “you like kids? i hate kids.”  “kids are so gross.”  no one i know has ever said the phrase “i hate kids” in my presence before in my life, i don’t think, and i just chuckle… these are some of the nicest people in the world – to other adults exclusively, I guess – and i think, how on EARTH can you hate “kids“?  like they aren’t all different, and have the same weird, “gross” things about them.  this is usually in reference to the kids who come through our Starbucks, who look like adorable little people in designer outdoor brand names, and are usually happy and well behaved.   huh.  my love for children tends to border on obsessive, so i guess it takes all kinds.  i bet someday my coworkers will have babies, and everything will change.  


i miss hanging all of my laundry outside to dry in the mexican sun. the stiffness of my jeans, and how crisp everything felt…


i am working on making a pincushion similar to this one.  don’t remind me that i can’t quite sew yet.  girlfriend is gonna get her a tutor, and will learn.


One Response to “:thursday:november thirteenth:”

  1. I’m learning how to quilt right now and it’s glorious.

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