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Three Thirty November 7, 2008

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Is what time I woke up for my first opening shift.  I loved it.  I am done with my work day, having already contributed to our marriage monetarily and brought home a little Thanksgiving blend.  

I have been lazy with keeping up our apartment, and today I am going to get back on that.  It just gets cluttery, and we get busy, and neither of us are freaky about neatness, but yet I want it to be clean and orderly and ready for guests at a moments notice.  

Tonight I think we may have some people over for chili, and then I think we have The Assassination of Jesse James to watch as well, which I believe has Brad Pitt in it.  Oh Brangelina, how we love you two.  Can you imagine if those two were Christians?  Monumental influence and resources… We just admire them because they have been changed by love, and are collecting children from all over to raise well, and consistently donating an incredible amount of time and money and voice to the world.  

yeah yeah yeah.  mostly people just roll their eyes and laugh at my love for them, recalling Angelina’s rocky past and the “vial of blood” etc… I say the rocky past makes it all the more sweeter.

And… I will step off of the celebrity soap box now.  

Onward to beating laziness via cleaning.img_1664


One Response to “Three Thirty”

  1. bayleeknowelle Says:

    Hey, Ellen! It’s Bailey from NRCC Camp Ventana week one. =D I’ve been reading your blog and I just simply wanted to tell you that I am so happy to see you are happy and loved and loving back.

    I saw you went to the Obama rally! I have friend that went there. She attends Lake Forest College, and she is a MAJOR advocate of Obama and she said it was amazing. I’m glad you got to experience it.

    Love you much

    I thought the other day, while sitting in class, about the last worship time we had in Porvenir and how the lights were out and you leaned over and in your creeper voice whipsered “you wanna sing a little song???” into my ear. It made me feel special, which is funny, since in reality it was actually creepy, but it just felt special that it was me. And that I looked up to you so much, it was nice. So, thank you.

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