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this day was made for blogging October 15, 2008

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and that’s just what I’ll do.

Really, it’s raining, it’s chilly outside.  I have a few little errands I have to do today (post office to mail Amazon books, thrift store and food pantry to drop off donations)… and since I don’t quite feel like venturing out there yet I’m going to sit here cross-legged in the new beautiful Pier 1 papasan chair we found in the alley garbage, eat my minestrone soup, load pictures onto iPhoto, and write a little here.  It is a beautiful life, and this is a beautiful day, in its own way, and I plan to enjoy it like this.

So, we went to a gala last weekend.  It was called “Going Green” and it was the annual Swedish Covenant Hospital’s gala event at the Museum of Science and Industry.  We had the museum to ourselves to explore, and for the most part it was just Nat and I wandering around.  We played with all the cloning activities, looked at the vertical farm exhibits, all of the spacecraft section, and toured the new house they have called the Smart Home, a sustainable home, which was pretty cool.  Things like an underground water collector to recycle household water for watering plants and the yard, all energy efficient lighting.  Everything made from recycled materials, and it was a completely functioning house, not just an exhibit.  The rest of the gala was great, too.  Awesome food, a very big dessert bar, dancing…  It was fun to sit with Nat’s boss and coworkers and see what they are like.

My first day of training at Starbucks yesterday was pretty good.  It was a little bit boring – a lot of paperwork, doing a training “module” on a computer about how to clean everything, etc… but I remain so excited about the fact that I have a job there, and soon will know all the ins and outs of it, and I hope to love it.

Nat has done such an awesome job of hanging up shelves around here, and I would finally say that our apartment is “put together.”  AND… the best news of all is that the Fondells are coming for the weekend, and they are bringing our bed that Nat made for us, and for me as a wedding gift!!  It is beautiful – gorgeous wood, with built-in drawers on the bottom.  I can’t wait.  We are going to sell our current bedroom set and probably buy a few new dressers, as well as a queen sized mattress.

Well, with that, I should go run those errands.  Here are a few more pictures from our lives lately…


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