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kicking back. October 5, 2008

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It is a welcome blessing to have internet connection in our apartment.  We are loving it – me curled up on the couch with chai, Nat at his desk, surrounded by books and knick knacks on his shelves. It’s great.  It’s midnight, it’s the weekend, and we are happy.

Our apartment is starting to take shape.  We have hung up our big clock, a wall sconce, and arranged our desks and couches.  In the kitchen, there is a pot rack and come tomorrow there will be an assortment of Ikea shelves, rails and hanging devices to add to the mix, thanks to a wedding gift card from the Rueping family, whom we love ferociously.  I’m itching to get it all set up. 

Here are some more inspiring pictures I’ve found from my decorating/interior design interest lately:

Another loud color kitchen… I like this one a lot.

This calendar is pretty neat too, and I like how this kitchen is so tiny (like ours) but really functional.

i’m learning that while i like lots of color, I like WHITE as well, with splashes of color.

can you even imagine having a bedroom as a kid, or a guest room in your house with bunk beds like this??  i love it so much.  if we have six boys, this will be the design of their bedroom.  If we have six girls, this will be the design of their bedroom with a slightly different color scheme.  If we have six children at all – perhaps they can just live all together and, as they get older, dress in the privacy of their curtained bunks.

Well, off to bed with me.  Where should we go to church tomorrow?  It is tempting us to skip it and head to Ikea early to get the breakfast deal……. We’ll see.

= ) goodnight.


One Response to “kicking back.”

  1. margaretrode Says:

    Listen. Post pictures of your new life. I’m missing it.

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