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round two. September 17, 2008

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Had a second interview with Starbucks today… with Jenny, a VERY sweet manager who answered every question beginning with, “Yeahh.. totally!  Um…”  She said that this district I am applying into is the best one in Chicago, a great little community, and OH goodness gracious, I hope that Guy calls and says I am hired because I will not play it cool.  I will accept on the spot.  I just got so excited for morning rushes of making coffee, greeting familiar people, and helping hand out the leftover food to various shelters, etc…  Sounds so fun.

And… sigh.  I did go running yesterday.  Sorry, I have to say “running”.  It was highly pathetic, but I am not discouraged.  I will just start very, very slow and short, and work up from there.  I feel like I must take advantage of the beautiful Portage Park while we are still living here.  I estimate that about 150 people run by our apartment every day.  Some of them I can just tell are training for the marathon, and some of them look like me – lumbering a little bit, maybe a little awkward, out of breath… but if it’s not motivation to get out and join them, I don’t know what is.

It’s Nat’s mom’s birthday today!  We (she and I) aren’t quite sure what I call her yet.  We jump around with “Mom” and “Luanne”… and nothing has quite stuck yet.

There is a man waiting near the drink pick-up counter here at Starbucks, poised on one leg, the other lifted straight up and out in front of him, foot resting on the counter, with his arms pulling it in a very distracting hamstring stretch.  Oh… now the other leg! This is too funny to laugh at.  He looks absurd. People are so funny……..

No one loves Planet Earth and Blue Planet like Nat and I do… The WEIRDEST things live at the bottom of the ocean.  Things that light up, spray laser-like films and weapons into the water that light up like neon lights.  Some of it is kind of scary… these fish look like alien/monsters, and it’s hard to imagine God creating them.  They look like they come from the other side.

Tonight, we watch Hitch.  We have a little trio of romantic comedies…first PS I Love You, now Hitch, and next… Music and Lyrics.  Can’t remember what comes after that.  Maybe The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Well, on to more phone call waiting, run attempting, and apartment straightening.

Be alive!


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