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round two. September 17, 2008

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Had a second interview with Starbucks today… with Jenny, a VERY sweet manager who answered every question beginning with, “Yeahh.. totally!  Um…”  She said that this district I am applying into is the best one in Chicago, a great little community, and OH goodness gracious, I hope that Guy calls and says I am hired because I will not play it cool.  I will accept on the spot.  I just got so excited for morning rushes of making coffee, greeting familiar people, and helping hand out the leftover food to various shelters, etc…  Sounds so fun.

And… sigh.  I did go running yesterday.  Sorry, I have to say “running”.  It was highly pathetic, but I am not discouraged.  I will just start very, very slow and short, and work up from there.  I feel like I must take advantage of the beautiful Portage Park while we are still living here.  I estimate that about 150 people run by our apartment every day.  Some of them I can just tell are training for the marathon, and some of them look like me – lumbering a little bit, maybe a little awkward, out of breath… but if it’s not motivation to get out and join them, I don’t know what is.

It’s Nat’s mom’s birthday today!  We (she and I) aren’t quite sure what I call her yet.  We jump around with “Mom” and “Luanne”… and nothing has quite stuck yet.

There is a man waiting near the drink pick-up counter here at Starbucks, poised on one leg, the other lifted straight up and out in front of him, foot resting on the counter, with his arms pulling it in a very distracting hamstring stretch.  Oh… now the other leg! This is too funny to laugh at.  He looks absurd. People are so funny……..

No one loves Planet Earth and Blue Planet like Nat and I do… The WEIRDEST things live at the bottom of the ocean.  Things that light up, spray laser-like films and weapons into the water that light up like neon lights.  Some of it is kind of scary… these fish look like alien/monsters, and it’s hard to imagine God creating them.  They look like they come from the other side.

Tonight, we watch Hitch.  We have a little trio of romantic comedies…first PS I Love You, now Hitch, and next… Music and Lyrics.  Can’t remember what comes after that.  Maybe The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Well, on to more phone call waiting, run attempting, and apartment straightening.

Be alive!


Yeah, Starbucks! September 12, 2008

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Had an interview today with Guy – the manager at the Roscoe Village Starbucks.  One of the coolest stores – lots of exposed brick, an old red telephone booth, a bar, comfy booths… pleasepleaseplease.

And he was nice, and I was impressed by how professional and responsible he was.  I think I would like to work there, but other people are applying (as Gary would say: “obvioust.”) and one must not get their hopes too far up there in such a situation.  I did tell him about how I’ve thought it would be such a cool place to work since high school, and how touched and impressed I was that Starbucks customers of Laurie’s went to her funeral.

It will be a celebration indeed when I am employed!

Until then, I have been having a good, productive time at home.  I have been baking a lot of bread – first blueberry, then zucchini, and then yesterday two loaves of Oatmeal bread, which I gorged myself on this morning.  A woman at Swedish Covenant who knows Nat would like to buy a loaf oy my zucchini bread, bless her heart.

Dinner has been our favorite time of day lately.  I set the table beforehand so when he comes home it is all set up and pretty.  We just unpacked all of our Tokheim Stoneware a few days ago, and there is something so homey and… I don’t know… true. feeling about serving food on those homemade, rustic and beautiful pottery pieces.  And SWEDISH. True and Swedish.  We have been reading a verse or two of the Bible before we pray and eat, and that is a beautiful ritual I hope continues forever.

I want/don’t want to start running again.  Gosh… I’ve been saying that every month since October 2005.  Geeze.  Just get on with it!

I’m falling more in love with Friday daily, so I might have to recant my offer of giving her away.  Also meaning we might have to sneak her into our new apartment, and therefore need to teach her not to wail-meow at various ungodly hours.

We watched PS. I Love You last night, which we liked.  Sad… and cute.  I can’t remember every seeing Hilary Swank in anything before, but I enjoyed her acting, and her outfits.  A subscription to Netflix was a GREAT wedding gift to us, and we are loving it.

“Mattie told him what her therapist had said once, that you should go only as fast as the slowest part of you could go.”  – Anne Lamott, Blue Shoe


happy birthday papa bear! September 5, 2008

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Today my dad turned 47!  That’s so great… We are going home this evening to have dinner and celebrate a little.  AND… it’s the weekend, which is so great.  Nat is home, with me, for 48 hours!  

I miss him so much during the day I can hardly stand it.  I feel like a little bit of a baby… but I’m just not used to it.  

We need mucho furniture.  Bookshelves, containers and the like.  Maybe I’ll go to Village right now and look for some good household things.  


But first, must email about sailing tomorrow.  Suz, Robin, Nat and I might go sailing tomorrow, weather-permitting!  


i love my new sister ebeth.  and our norwegian wedding cake!!



mullings. September 4, 2008

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i don’t want to be a person who needs to be in the know with everyone… always up on the latest gossip of someone’s life. 

i don’t want to be a person who needs to look cool to everyone, or anyone! nor a person who makes purchases, statements or forms opinions based on the appearance, statement or opinion of someone else.  

i want to be as i am.  it makes me want to quit facebook, myspace, whatever, because i know i care too much, and the WANT to know is too important to me.    

that’s the mood i’m in right now – hating facebook mood, based on the wish that i didn’t care so much.


= )


Already September September 2, 2008

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I love September.  And I LOVE being back around North Park in September.  It’s the best time of the year, there, and I can feel myself catching the excitement of the newness of everything, even from sitting at the Starbucks across the street writing thank you notes… it’s contagious, and fresh and it’s a wonderful thing to see old familiar faces.  Lucky I am, to have gone there.  Still feels like home. 

I’ve spent a lot of time at various coffee/cafe-like businesses lately.  Still on the job hunt, and that’s part of the reason why; we don’t get the internet in our apartment.  I’m at Panera now, Starbucks earlier today… Caribou when I posted a few days ago.  Hire me already, _________.  (Wherever, really!)

I ran over the curb really bad today in the parking lot, and felt so embarrassed by the amount of people that saw it.  Ugh. 

I also got to eat lunch with Nat in the zen garden in Swedish Covenant, which was wonderful.  I love how he looks these days, because he wears a shirt and tie to work.  Such a picture of a classy working man… and I like sending him off in the mornings with constant reminders to be careful (he rides his bike 4 miles) and to text me when he gets there.  = )  Worrywart. 

Gotta keep writing thank you notes!  So many of them… and a blessing of a way to spend my time, really.