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If I Ever Did Anything Consistently… August 22, 2008

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SO much would not have changed since the last time I wrote here.  Sadly, I barely kept a journal as well!  Silly me.  

I’m married.  We’re married.  It feels glorious, and normal.  I was expecting to feel some shifting within me, or in our relationship.  Learning to accommodate, share, etc…  I am thankful for our year with Ventana these days, because of the conflicts and struggles that emerged through that, and the constant nearness of each other… We worked it out then, and learned to share, accommodate, deal with, and take the brunt of each other.  

And our wedding… our wedding day has buried into our hearts in a way we never imagined it would.  A thousand perfect situations, moments, words that day…  I’ve never felt the presence nor peace of God so completely as that day, and it fills me with joy to remember it now.  It didn’t rain, the pictures are gorgeous, thanks to Austyn and Derek, it was beautiful, thanks to Tim, the ceremony was meaningful, godly, and powerful thanks to Judy, my grandpa, little Danny, Bianca and John singing…   It was perfect for us, exactly what we had desired for that day.  Perhaps I’ll write more about that another time.  For now, it is all stored up in my heart – and in a Word document into which I speedily typed every little detail  could remember. 

I September 1st we’re moving into our new apartment, and setting up our first official home.  All of these wonderful gifts boxed up in three different locations need to be used and displayed!  That will be a lot of fun, I think.  


Well, it is the weekend of my oldest friend Amanda’s wedding.  I need to clean up here, and hop on a train to get to her bachelorette party!


2 Responses to “If I Ever Did Anything Consistently…”

  1. Where are you moving to? Any news on the job stuff? And congratulations on the wedding. You looked amazing – I saw some pictures on facebook! I so wish I could have been there.

  2. kristine Says:

    Yay, you and your thoughts are back. Looking forward to hearing more about the move and life with Nat as time goes on. You guys just make me so happy. Counting down the days til january!

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