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Almost September August 29, 2008

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Sitting here at Caribou… the gal behind the desk just informed me that Caribou is always looking for friendly faces, but she’s not sure if they are needing any friendly faces to work at this location, but to apply online.  

Done, and done, and tried my darndest to have a friendly face.  

It’s been a really different thing for me to be at home all day while Nat goes off to work.  I love it, and I hate it.  It’s a harder adjustment to be away from him all day than I anticipated, but I LOVE keeping house far more than I thought I would as well.  Since I have had so much time on my hands, I’ve really gotten to organize the apartment and take things out of boxes, and make it more home-y.  It will be sad to leave it on October 1st, and I bet we will miss how huge it is.  

There is just something so fulfilling about washing dishes, sweeping floors, making a bed, folding clothes and so on, when you are doing it for someone else, and to make your lives better and more comfortable.  But I can’t imagine what it must feel like for women who quit professional careers to become a stay-at-home mom and find their priorities so drastically shifted.  Talk about an adjustment.  I admire both lives, but I know in my heart that I want to be a stay-at-home mom, and I want to be an awesome one.  Stay-at-home housewife, not so much – which is what brings me to inquiring about hiring at Caribou – I mean really, what would I find to do with myself after all the boxes are unpacked and the kitchenware sorted?  Read?  Run?  (ha.)  Clean a perfectly clean room?   I know I could do one of a thousand hobbies I want to pick up – knitting for REAL, gardening, cooking Asian food, baking, embroidery, sewing…   But I’d rather us have money than a whole lot of those things right now, wonderful as they are.  

This weekend my friend Diana is getting married to a wonderful man.  I can’t wait for this wedding… I find there is something so powerful about weddings of “older” people. (Hardly older though – thirties.)  Maybe the word I’m searching for is “established.”  Or “adult”.  Whatever the opposite is of people my age getting married (by the dozens, I know.) = )  Oooh… actually, I was just reading about this in a book last week.  I’m going to go find it.  I loved the section…

There’s something about a marriage of adults, people who own homes and businesses and have… patterns and traditions.  Of course, there is something so sweet and shining about a young bride and groom, and their first home and first dishes and first set of towels.  But there is a different beauty and a different force when two people who have been down that road far enough to hit some bumps decide to bend themselves once again toward partnership.  Where there was naivete, here there is sobriety.  Where a young bride leaves her family, an older bride brings hers with her.  Where a young groom hopes all goes well, an older groom knows what to do when it doesn’t.  – Cold Tangerines

I can’t wait to be there and sing for such an occasion.  The song I’m singing is so cute, too – How Could I Ask For More by Cindy Morgan.

Ohh… and Friday, our honeymoon kitten, is a raging lunatic.  She drives us crazy day and night, and yet we have this strange fascination/love for her.  We aren’t sure if our new apartment will let us keep her, and I’m not sure if I hope so or hope not.  Isn’t that awful?  She’s just quite a handful… Like a toddler with severe attention deficit, and worse.  Also like a toddler in that she is so heart-breakingly sweet and cuddly when she is tired.  She mews this tiny little sound and then I say, “Hello.”  and look at her, and she jumps up to nose my hands a little bit and rub her head in my lap, and then settles down to watch what I’m doing peacefully.  Oh that it were always so.  Perhaps it is best she’s a maniac, in case it turns out we can’t keep her.  If not – would anyone like a kitten?  Can’t imagine you would after such a description. Maybe you’re up for a challenge.  

Well, as Nat says his dad said every day as a kid when going off to work, “I’m off to slay the dragon.”


If I Ever Did Anything Consistently… August 22, 2008

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SO much would not have changed since the last time I wrote here.  Sadly, I barely kept a journal as well!  Silly me.  

I’m married.  We’re married.  It feels glorious, and normal.  I was expecting to feel some shifting within me, or in our relationship.  Learning to accommodate, share, etc…  I am thankful for our year with Ventana these days, because of the conflicts and struggles that emerged through that, and the constant nearness of each other… We worked it out then, and learned to share, accommodate, deal with, and take the brunt of each other.  

And our wedding… our wedding day has buried into our hearts in a way we never imagined it would.  A thousand perfect situations, moments, words that day…  I’ve never felt the presence nor peace of God so completely as that day, and it fills me with joy to remember it now.  It didn’t rain, the pictures are gorgeous, thanks to Austyn and Derek, it was beautiful, thanks to Tim, the ceremony was meaningful, godly, and powerful thanks to Judy, my grandpa, little Danny, Bianca and John singing…   It was perfect for us, exactly what we had desired for that day.  Perhaps I’ll write more about that another time.  For now, it is all stored up in my heart – and in a Word document into which I speedily typed every little detail  could remember. 

I September 1st we’re moving into our new apartment, and setting up our first official home.  All of these wonderful gifts boxed up in three different locations need to be used and displayed!  That will be a lot of fun, I think.  


Well, it is the weekend of my oldest friend Amanda’s wedding.  I need to clean up here, and hop on a train to get to her bachelorette party!