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Happy Camper July 29, 2008

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I’m up at camp right now… happy as a lark, and am so glad that it worked out to be here.  People keep commenting/exclaiming on the closeness of the wedding day, and I understand their surprise completely.  There is just no place I would rather be.  This is my other home, and in some ways the place where I really grew up and was molded and changed.  I am glad that Nat can be here for a few days to see it in the summer too.  

So – it is twelve days and counting.  It’s far more surreal now than it has felt thus far.  So surreal that I feel like I don’t dream of it or picture it in that distant, romantic way I used to.  It feels REAL in that way… that life will continue, and it will not be this ideal, dreamy existence but realistic, day-to-day stuff.  Together. Therein lies the mystery of it all, and I know that if we are willing to work at it, we will be very, very happy.  

And it will be strange, not to be looking forward to this huge event… Right now I miss the normalcy of that, but wonder if maybe I just tend to miss whatever I don’t have, or wherever I am not, at the moment.