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Wisdom and Wifery June 27, 2008

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I stumbled upon an entirely convicting, assuredly “old-fashioned” and altogether thought provoking blog last night.  A mother of eight children, who homeschooles, and is a firm believer in teaching girls traditional homemaking skills, believing, no matter what their career, that every woman should be equipped with these skills – to go alongside the model of the Proverbs 31 wife.  No matter her convictions, her blog is brimming with wisdom relating to respecting your husband, delicious recipes, creative crafts, homeschooling, gardening, thrift store bargain hunting, etc… I’m thouroughly addicted to it. 

That being said, I found a fantastic bargain at St. Vincents thrift store today – a brand new Emile Henry (heard of it? I hadn’t, but I looked it up.) pie plate for $3.99 that sells for $50.00 in stores!  I will have to post pictures of us picking mulberries on Tuesday, because after we had picked two big bowls full we made the most delicious mulberry pie with a really simple recipe we found at http://www.allrecipes.com .  I’ve never made a pie, but we made the crust from scratch and it was all actually pretty simple. 

Oh, dinner’s ready.  Ok, more to come later!  


Caribou Yoo Hoo June 24, 2008

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Nat and I have been biking/exercising like crazy the past few days.  We got 7-day passes to LifeTime Fitness, and went there yesterday to go on a tour, and then worked out a lot after that.  Nat is the best workout partner in the world, I think, because he is so in shape and fit without even trying, or exercising regularly (i wish…) and he also is really knowledgeable about what exercises do what, great weight lifting things for the flabby arm-parts – – he is patient.  We went in this room intended for dance classes where one other woman was doing yoga by herself.  It was all dark, cool, mirror-lined, and really peaceful.  We just stretched and did some situps, pushups, etc… It was remarkably peaceful and wonderful.  I would love to take a yoga class someday to know how to relax my body like that.  

So now, we rode our bikes to the post office to drop off thank-you notes from the shower on Sunday, and are now curled up at Caribou in our own laptop worlds.  I’m apartment hunting on Craigslist, writing here, and thinking about where to work.  Nat is transferring money around from my account to his, to our school loans, to our honeymoon fund, from our wedding fund… and also thinking about where to work.  

It’s fun to be in Wheaton in the summer… the last time I was home for the summer was the summer after 7th grade.  It’s neat to see how many people I still know here, and fun to bump into people everywhere.  I could see us being so comfortable here, and happy… but we don’t want to lose sight of how we ultimately want to live our lives.  We want to live simply – truly simply.   Unencumbered by comparison, clutter, expensive unnecessaries, etc… Not at all to say that can’t be accomplished here – but it is pretty expensive to live around here and the real reason is… I’m not sure I could have the budgeting, frugal willpower to do it.  Who knows.  Luckily, at the rate we are going we will have no choice but to live simply for how poor we will be.  

= )  I also can love the idea of simplicity sometimes more than I am actually dedicated to the realities of what it means to live it.  

Truth be told, I love the guy sitting next to me far more than I know what to do with.  To the point of distraction, obsession, utter infatuation.  And, I am learning the miraculous truth that the more I seek to be obedient to God, the better fiancee I am.  The more I spend time praying and the more I ask God to give me humility, patience, wisdom – He does.  I know that I must love Him more than I love <– him, so that I can love <– him with a true, pure love.  


Thank goodness for such a good Heavenly Father. 



Here we are!here we are!


Stream of Consciousness – For Kristine, mostly. = ) June 19, 2008

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Elisabeth and I went to Ann Taylor Loft on Sunday and found THE bridesmaids dresses!  Hallelujah, and a-men.  They are adorable – cranberry/pomegranate red, cute cute cute, and with pockets, which are my favorite.  I think I might buy one for myself. 

However, now I am second, third and fourth guessing my own dress… We’re going to go shopping again.  Maybe I’ll find the “perfect” one, or maybe I will realize how much I do love this one.  How bridezilla of me… They tell me that if I don’t love it, it’s not right.  However, it feels rather fickle of myself that I did love it, and now don’t.  Huh. 

I’ve also become a psuedo-vegetarian after reading a chapter in a book that I don’t recommend, and hence won’t disclose, given the foul mouth of the authors… but it described in too-vivid detail for my imagination the horrors that animals can go through while they are being turned into meat.  I haven’t done any real research on this topic, although I’ve heard it discussed many times… but the descriptions pop into my head!  I think their plan worked, to gross everyone out enough that they’ll stop eating meat.  What a smart convincing strategy. 

My basement room is a complete – COMPLETE – disaster.  I could blame it on the fact that this is a pretty big life-turnover, and that everything needs to be sorted… but I could also blame it on the more truthful fact that I get hopelessly distracted while going through each box, which leads me to a different box, to a different pile, to a different album, book, drawer of clothes, container of knick knacks – you name it.  I have all these wonderful visions of being really clean when Nat and I get married… and I really am devoted to doing that, but then sometimes I wonder, “WHERE on earth will I be pulling that from, because I certainly don’t have those habits now…?”  Sheer, devoted love?  Sheer, stubborn willpower?  I’ll let you know.  I think we’ll need to invest in some mighty organizational boxes, and make a system. 

I have been reminded of the blessings of old friendships, here at home.  It is something I have wanted to write about since coming back home, but have been hesitant because I don’t want to make too many comparisons between ‘here’ and ‘there’.  However, it has been profoundly true that coming home, coming back to all the friends and family here, has been all that it was cracked to be, and more.  It feels like no time has passed, like not all that much needs catching up on, like relationships are pretty much the same.  I am grateful for that, and humbled. 

Anyway.  Kristine – I love you so much.  Thank you for reading my silly little blog, and asking for more.  = ) 

It has to be said… I can’t wait for our wedding!!!  Please come sooner, please please please………….