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“you will be so happy again.” May 30, 2008

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Those are words Nat scrawled in big letters across a journal page and held up to show me during prayer the other day.  I think he saw, or felt, the weariness in my heart that morning – can’t remember what happened to put it there – and his sweet writing meant so much to me right then.  Keeps ringing in my mind throughout the day… 

we had a great girls night last night.  we sat on blankets on the floor with candles and answered questions about ourselves that Carrie had prepared about our childhoods –> high school –> now.  i couldn’t have asked for a better four.  how will i ever let them know that?  i am glad beyond glad that they will be at the wedding.  i think i might just need them to be there.  “my girls.”  i love them.

not much to say, just wanted to write something.  in nine nights i will be in my bed at home.  it occurs to me that this is the last time i’ll be moving from somewhere to home with my family.  in the future it will be home to Nat, to our home.  i wonder if that mental/emotional transition takes a while.  

joy is a choice, always, and here there is a lot of joy to be chosen.  i suppose i just long for the easy happiness that familiarity brings.  no more longing though – these nine days will be for enjoying, for living and taking it slow and lingering and recognizing and remembering and being content and overall, being grateful.  we are so lucky.  


2 Responses to ““you will be so happy again.””

  1. Libby Says:

    I loved reading your idea about joy.. Recently there have been kinda crazy things going on here, especially with the ending of mission year..
    I like that you said Joy is a choice.. I guess then I need to choose to be joyful and no weary..

    Ellen I pray that your last days of being out there go well.. I pray that as you transition from that part of life to home to being married you choose to be joyful and go along with what life brings..


  2. Kristine Says:

    please please write more often. that’s all… just please write more 🙂 how i do love to read them!

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