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birthday super secrets: May 7, 2008

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Saturday is Nat’s birthday, and I have been busy crafting, purchasing, and planning since March.  I think the dear-hearted man is expecting something like 2 books i found at the garage sales in Guadalupe, or something very small, and I am so excited because he has some really big surprises.  Making/buying gifts for him is one of my all-time favorite things, and I think it must bring me three times the joy that it does him.  He has been instructed not to look at my blog in the next few days.  Here are my ideas/plans…


  • 7am: Breakfast in bed – omelet/scrambled eggs w/veggies & cheese, fresh fruit, and coffee in present #1 – Starbucks San Diego mug
  • 8am: Leave for Guadalupe to see if La Papeleria is open, and poke around at all the garage sales
  • 9:30: Las Rosas (fancy hotel/spa right on the water): climb around on the rocks, collect shells, sit by pool…** two gifts – button-up shirt and Bill Bryson book #1
  • 10:30: Cafe Tomas: Buy him a deluxe coffee drink and sit on the balcony overlooking the city (hopefully not crowded).  **Two gifts – board shorts and Bill Bryson book #2
  • 12pm: Drive up on the beach and go for a long, long walk.  Have small picnic lunch in backpack and stop for a snack.  **2 gifts – jacket and “23 things i love about you” book i made.
  • 1:30/2: Arrive back at car to find all the Ventaneros there with food and brownies for a beach party (if this part works out – if not have party back at home)
  • When we get back home, have the final gift wrapped in a huge box with tons of heavy things around it to hide the size ** 500gb hard drive [a co-op gift from our parents and i] that he has been wanting/needing forever, and is in no way expecting.  



I am so so so so so eager for Saturday…. I wish it was tomorrow.  Writing all the planning out like this reminds me of the pages of plans he had for when we got engaged on my birthday in September.  He had every detail mapped out, with every possible problem foreseen and solved.  


our cake, made by Tina and Carrie, when we arrived back at Mission Springs:





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