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may third. an ordinary day. May 4, 2008

Filed under: life at ventana — Ellen @ 5:27 am

They are back, and i love it.  We’re all spread out on our computers in my room.  They haven’t had internet for a week, and are glad to be back home.  

I had a great online conversation with my friend Angela today about what it’s like being a newlywed.  It inspired me to really be working on my self in the next 98 days so that I can be bringing as much to the marriage as I can.  

we saw Martian Child last night with John and Joan Cusack.  I found it incredibly sweet, with a lot of great lines and moments.   an all-around good movie, with lovable characters and good morals.  

we also got stuck in the sand in the “Bombero” – a big old red suburban-like car, and had to be helped by a swarthy young man to whom we gave a beer as a thank-you.  we were a little nervous until he came along – – the tires were really buried.  it was funny, digging them out and creeping along out of the holes.  

the rest of the day was spent napping and playing cards on the beach, working on our “Mentor How-To” documents for future Ventana mentors, and eating at a deserted Mango Mango – a very popular tourist booze/food/dance place.  The music was blaring, although no one was there but us.  We danced anyway, and laughed at the people looking through the windows at two gringos dancing in an empty restaurant.  

i am glad for yesterday, feel peace about today, and am eager for tomorrow.  


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