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To The States! April 19, 2008

Filed under: life at ventana — Ellen @ 5:56 pm

We’re going to San Diego again today to drop off Ben Palm and to visit the dentist again for an x-ray.  [I’m getting fitted for a night guard because I grind my teeth which Dr. Tim Collins (nicest dentist I’ve ever heard of) believes contribute to migraines.]  He’s also throwing professional whitening gel in there, too, because it works very well inside the night guard, and again, he’s wonderful.  

Yesterday was a hard one. My “flight or flight” tendencies kicked in simultaneously, so I did both.  In all truth, I am tired and weary.  Robin came last weekend to visit, and it was wonderful – such a relief – to talk with someone so understanding and genuine, who is my age, who is from home, and who I adore with all of my heart.  It also made me so homesick, when she left, and also so grateful for the girls, who vacuumed my room, set up her bed, made us breakfast, and were, as always, gracious and fantastic.  Have I ever mentioned that I love them?

Anyway, we’re leaving now.  I heard the coolest worship song yesterday… I want to keep the lyrics in my heart today:

I want to sit at your feet 
drink from the cup in your hand 
lay back against you and breathe
feel your heartbeat 
This love is so deep 
It’s more than I can stand 
I melt in your peace, 

It’s overwhelming  


with love,



One Response to “To The States!”

  1. alicia Says:

    ellen; carri (the writer of that worship song) is pretty much bff’s with my friend mabrie and she introduced me to her music about a year ago. this is one of my favorite songs! weird!

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