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“She’s Been Welcomed Home” April 17, 2008

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a cup blowing in the wind, a damaged porcelain mattress and a fog

that could not escape the tides of fear

so they gently dangled, and they curved in the mountains exhales

peach with imperfection, and a yielding in her glass sheer.

it was the skin, washed with absence, and a strawberry paint

which conquered the evil appeal of courageous shields, and

she was elegant, a canvas of shapes and sidewalks

a vase with pure chandelier light,

contagious was this bravery;

moments would believe in her distant shore, in her rain

sail away, sail away, submerge for cylinders of grace

unique in blessing, discouraged in tragedy

but beautiful in humanity, in love, and she would fight, she would pull swords

of mercy, from the palms of her leading Lord…

to be standing at shore, with her significant song

whom is adored, whom is explored, whose words would

tear down the shields of fear, of countless amber tears

i cannot save your sadness, but i will try

i cannot remove your mourn, but He shall be effortlessly divine.

travel to the gentle house, walk with the free

eliminate the weighing stones nailed to your soul

for my friend, for your sadness,

she’s been welcomed home.



my friend amy is running the boston marathon this weekend.  i have an entire folder of poems and letters written by her.  this one is my favorite, written sometime shortly after we met, which is also shortly after the death of my friend laurie.  i remember bursting into tears upon reading this, and it has remained one of my favorites because of the depth of encouragement and understanding it contains.  obviously it has nothing to do with running – but everything to do with an example of how beautifully, majestically talented this girl is.  


i love you, my friend.

now, run.


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