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Unexpected “day off” April 5, 2008

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The students were all going to go hike to a waterfall, but that got complicated and fell through, and in the meeting about what to do about them, Doug gave Nat and I a day to check out a little bit and hang out together.  So, we’re sitting in my “art studio” in the newer trailer where I have a table with all of my craft stuff, going through a lengthy list of to-do’s:


  • Save the Dates: Flickr?  Buy/have shipped
  • Kaiser Insurance: Gynecology/preventative stuff covered?
  • Addresses –> label document: From facebook msg., mom’s email, Fondells…
  • Location of wedding: dancing @ church, or no? move to park?  Herrick Lake?
  • Plane tickets home: on the 7th or 8th?  Greg & Melissa’s wedding?
  • Austyn tickets –> wedding from Alaska: too expensive? 
  • Bridesmaids: dresses, delegate for help
  • Honeymoon: location, transportation, reservations… [catchy.]
  • Summer plans for Nat: live? work? car?
I say “day off” because it feels like a lot of work… but it is a day off, because normally we would have to squeeze all these conversations and decisions in during a van ride, or a meal, or in passing, or during an evening when we could be hanging out in our houses with the students.  i’m glad for the time to get down to business-y things and focus on what lies ahead.  Praying that we won’t get too hung up on our own plans, though, and will leave room for changes of plans, God’s timing and provision, and wherever the wind may lead us.
this is the pile of beauty that arrived in a fifteen pound package from my mom last week… amazing.  way too much stuff to work with on my floor, though. hence, the “art studio.”  = )
 Thanks, mom!
be alive today.  



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