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fresh beginning April 5, 2008

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i have been devotedly reading several new blogs i have found from skipping link to link. i am learning from them, and of course – as always – i am inspired by them, to begin a new one of my own.  it seems like there are a lot of new beginnings in my life lately, and i want to remember them, as they are, in the future.  typing is so fast – my thoughts are down almost as i think them, and i love that.  i’m excited.  i love the layout and design of this blog, and i found this pretty photo that mary took at camp for the header……   it will be good.

today i took a minute to stand still and look at the three rows of laundry i had just hung up behind our (very nice, very spacious!) trailer.  it was sunny and warm, the mountains looked all misty, and the dirt roads trailed in the background, and the air smelled like good clean soap. it was a calm moment, and happy, and i thanked God for the smells of small blessings like clean clothes and sunshine and dirt roads.  

*ellen – don’t forget how much you love having a clothesline instead of a dryer!

i asked liz to come into my room tonight because i wanted to talk to her for a little bit.  i had been feeling like something was going on in her heart lately, and i have been waiting patiently, not wanting to push her, to see if anything came of it… until tonight when i decided to just ask.  there is a lot going on in that beautiful soul, and i regret that i didn’t ask about it sooner.  we sat on my bed and talked for almost three hours about Ventana, the guys, the girls, college, roommates, what to bring… it was great.  


whenever i get the chance to really just talk with one of them, i realize so gratefully how much i love it here, and how much i love these four girls.  it is more than i know how to express, most of the time, and i worry that i am not giving them enough, not showing them enough, not telling them enough, etc.  We only have eight more weeks, and i want to commit myself right this moment to absolute devotion with them.  They are a treasure, and they are each precious and beautiful, and they are here for a perfect reason, designed by our Father, who has magnificent plans for them.  Here they are, in my care, just for this one year, and just for a little while longer.  Lord- make me a servant to them.  Give me words of encouragement and truth to pass on. Refine us all with your fire so that when we emerge our faith – of more value than gold – may be pure and strong and true [1 Peter].

Whew.  He is good.  

It’s time for bed!




One Response to “fresh beginning”

  1. baileynoelle Says:

    Hello, Ellen. 🙂 It’s Bailey from Arizona. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and cannot wait to read more from you. Those four girls are so lucky to have such a loving, dedicated mentor. Not going to lie; I’m pretty jealous. 😉 Tell them all I say hello and give Kristine an extra hug for me, if you would. And of course, give yourself a hug from me, too. I’m praying for you all.


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